Muller Station Merino Stud


Our venture into Merino Stud breeding began in 2005 when we imported 2 Rams from the Charinga Merino Stud in Victoria Australia. We had been using Stuart Hodgson, an Aussie Sheep Classer, each autumn to class our ewes pre-tupping with outstanding results and he had given us valuable advice as to what Aussie genetics were really firing at the time. With his assistance we classed out 100 ewes each from our commercial ewes and mated them to each of the Rams.

The evenness and quality of the resulting progeny gave us the confidence to continue and with the support of the NZ Merino Stud Breeders Assn we have been able to upgrade to full registered Stud status. (The first commercial Merino flock in NZ able to do so). We are currently running 450 breeding ewes plus Rams and replacement hoggets.

Subsequently, we have imported 3 more Rams from Charinga and Banavie Park (A sister Stud also owned by the Polkinghorne family) and last year a very valuable out-cross Polled Ram from Willandra Merino Stud in New South Wales.

We have been fortunate that all these imported Sires have brought positive attributes to the sheep type we are breeding.